Monday, October 6, 2008

My birthday

So today is my 26th birthday and it has been agreat day!! I got up and hung out, then we had some family friends stop by and bbring me some sticky buns for my birthday! They were yummy! Then I had to go into town this afternoon and go to CHAPs to go riding. That wa fun too as always! Then tonight my sister, her husband, my niece, and SIL came out for dinner! It was way yummy. THen we watched Danceing With the Stars!!! Now I am writing in theis and going to head to bed. I still find it pretty crazy that I'm 26...........

So I was sitting here last night thinking to my self that I am so not where I thought I would have e been at the age of 26. Don’t get me wrong I am very happy where I am but it was just a thought. If you would have asked me 8yers or even 5years ago where I thought I would be at the age of 26, I would have said something along the lines of….I would be done with school and teaching. Also I would be living a lone and maybe have a boyfriend. But no…I am still living with my parents (I know it sounds so lame but Its what I gotta do), I have a 16month old daughter who is my world, I’m still going to school. And oh yeah I’m a single mother. I can say that I feel a little older this year and its somewhat depressing. But I guess we all gotta grow up and age at some point:)

This year it was a little sad because my brother was not here he is in Utah working. But his birthday is the 8th. Well as you can guess we usually just do a joint birthday part since we are only 2 days apart, but sense he was gone this year we didn’t and it was a little sad. I missed him,

Oh and I’m going to bitch for just one minute………………….I am somewhat hurt and don’t know if I’m just being a drama queen but here goes. I have this friend and we have been friends for I bet 12yeras, I’m her maid of honor next year for her wedding. But she totally forgot my birthday today. Not a text/email/phone call/ myspace message. Nothing. Am I just being a little drama queen over it???
Alright well its about midnight and I’m way tired, so I’ll quite complaining ……….and am heading to bed. Thanks for reading my boring blog! Love to all!

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Robb said...

Happy Birthday!!
A drama queen?? oh, just a wee wee bit, but that's OK. She'll probably feel a lot worse than you when you, um, "remind" her.
And no blog is boring... except mine, of course ;)